FAQ - English

FAQ - English

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Q.1 : What Is LinkShortify ?

-> LinkShortify Is A Next Generation & Completely Free Tool To Monetize Your Links With Ads And Earn For Every View To Your Link. Also LinkShortify Has WorldClass Rates For Views & Have Top Level Functions With Great Support System.

Q.2 : How Old Is LinkShortify ?

-> LinkShortify Was Officically Launched On 1st December 2021.

Q.3 : Who Is Founder And CEO Of LinkShortify ?

-> Harmya Surani Is Founder & CEO Of LinkShortify.

Q.4 : Who Can Use LinkShortify ?

-> Every Person Can Use This Website Who Wants Earn Money By Monetizing Their Links With Ads.

Q.5 : Why To Use LinkShortify ?

-> The Live Records Of Views, Link And Registered Users, Highest CPM Rates, Highest Payout Rates, Multiple Support Methods, 15+ Payment Methods, Live Payment Proof Page, Anti-Bypass Links, Next Gen Telegram Bot, Fast Link Loading And Opening, Easy Link Process, Daily Payment And A Lot More.

Q.6 : What If Google Adx / Ad Network / Adsense Ban LinkShortify ?

-> We Are Not Just Working With A Single Ad Network To Run LinkShortify. We Work With Multiple Ad Networks To Give Stable CPM & Good User Experience. So If One Ad Network Will Ban Us Then We Will Continue With Other Ad Networks. Also We Always Work With Backup Funds To Complete All Withdrawals In Any Situations Without Any Interruptions.

Q.7 : Which Ad Network Are Used By LinkShortify ?

-> We Basically Works With Gooogle Certified Ad Networks And Other Reputed Ad Networks. So, We Will Display Quality & Standard Ads On Our Short Links.

Q.8 : How LinkShortify Is Giving Consistant High CPM For India ?

-> We Always Look To Provide Good CPM With Standard And Tranperent System. So, We Never Look At Our Amount Of Profit That Is Why We Always Try To Provide Maximum CPM For Indian Tarffic.

Q.9 : How LinkShortify Claim That Website Is Trusted ?

-> A Good Thing About LinkShortify Is That We Do Not Need To Provide Any Proofs Because Youtube Videos, Trustpilot, Live Llink/Clicks/Regustered Users Counter, Live Payment Poof Page, Our Trusted Users Say A Lot About Their Experience, Our Transperency, Trust, Good Support, high Quality Service.

Q.10 : What Is The Main Vision Of LinkShortify ?

-> Our Main Aim Is To Provide Good CPM, Higher Payout Rates, Stable Service, Quality User Experience, Tranperency, Best Link Opening System, Multiple National & International Payment Methods, Fast & Optimized Speed And Many More Things.

Q.11 : How Many Team Members Are There In LinkShortify ?

-> Currently There Are Five Team Members In Team LinkShortify Including Two Owners, Support Staff, Designer And Developer.

Q.12 : Do LinkShortify Offer Anything Special On Festivals ?

-> Yes We Always Try To Give Some Uniq Offer in Every Festivals And Every Year.

Q.13 : How To Check That LinkShortify & Related Websites Are Up Or Down ?

-> We Have A Status Page For Public Where All Can See Status Of All Websites (Including Main & Blog Links) Status. Whether They Are Up Or Down. Also This Page Updates Websites Status Every 3 Minutes. So All Data Will Be Transparent And Live With Super Accuracy.

Q.14 : How To Keep LinkShortify Account Safe ?

-> Here Are Some Tips To Keep Your LinkShortify Account Safe : Never Save Your Password Or Username On Browser Or Any Other Application, Never Share Password To Anyone Whom You Do Not Know (LinkShortify Never Asks Users For Passwords), Never Allow Anyone To Handle Your Account For Any Reason, Do Not Link Or Share Your API To Anyone, Use Auto-API Link System Which Is Already There, Always Update Your Password Once In A Month.

Q.15 : We Have Complaint Of Support Staff How To Reach Out Owner / Admin ?

-> Kindly Mail Us At [email protected] (Which Is Accessible By Owners / Admins Only) With Subject Of Support Staff Complaint And Write Us With Proper Proof To Solve Issue And Get Compensation If Anything Is Damaged By Support Team.

Q.16 : How To Contact LinkShortify For Business Related Quires ?

-> Please Mail Us At [email protected] With Subject Of Business Queries And Write Your Offer / Demand / Description / Requirements Etc In One Email.

Q.17 : How LinkShortify Works So Smooth And Fast With 99.99% Uptime ?

-> We Have Indian Data Centered Based Dedicated Servers With 1 Gbps Port To Handle High Level Traffic. Also Our Server Has Less Then 15ms Ping And High Level Optimization With Litespeed & Memedcache To Support Next Level Of Cache. Also All Our Websites Works With Powerful Cloudflare Content Delivery Network To Provide Seamless Experience To All Users.

Payment & Earning Related

Q.1 : What Is The Current INR Rate For One Dollar ?

-> We Are Giving All Time Quality Rate Of 80 INR For 1$.

Q.2 : Why CPM Is Lower Than Mentioned On Website ?

-> CPM Works On IP Of Link Opener ( Not On LinkShortify Account Holder ). We Are Providing Fix CPM For Specific Country As Per Mentioned On Payout Rates Page. If Your Traffic Is Comming From Different Country Then System Will Give Specific CPM For Each Country And System Will Show Average CPM On Dashboard. So, User Might See Low CPM As It Will Be A Average CPM Of All Of Your Traffic. It Means All Of Your Traffic Will Not Be From Same Country. You Can Check Link Stats To Get Your Traffic Related Details.

Q.3 : I Received Less Amount Then Current Currency Rates ?

-> We First Convert $ Amount Into INR ( 1$=80 INR ) And Then We Follow Charges For Perticular Payment Method And then After We Release Your Payment. So, You May Receive Less Amount Then Mentioned On Website.

Q4 : Why LinkShortify is Giving Low INR Rate For 1$ And Cutting Charges From User Side ?

-> We Receive Our Payments In Dollar From Our Ad Networks And Our Bank Provides Less Rates Then Current Rates. So, We Must Need To Set A Stable Rate For All users.. Also We Have Payments Methods Which Starts From 1$ Minimum Withdrawal Amount. That Is Why We Can Not Afford Charges On Our Selves For Small Amounts.

Q.5 : What Is The Minimum Withdrawal Amount ?

-> We Have Different Minimum Withdrawal For Every Method, Here Is List :
   Paytm Wallet : 1$
   UPI : 5$
   Bank Transfer : 5$
   Binanace : 5$
   Skrill : 5$
   Paypal : 3$
   Airtm : 10$
   Baksh : 5$
   ESewa : 60$
   USDT : 20$
   Amazon Gift Card : 3$
   Goole Play Gift Card : 3$

Q.6 : What Is The Charges For Each Payout Methods ?

-> We Have Different Charges On Each Payment Method :
   Paytm Wallet : 2%
   UPI : No Charge
   Bank Transfer : No Charge
   Binanace : 10% + 0.30$ Fixed
   Skrill : 2%
   Paypal : No Charge
   Airtm : USDC Conversation Fees & 1.23$ = 1 USDC
   Baksh : No Charge
   ESewa : No Charge
   USDT : 10% + 0.30$ Fixed
   Amazon Gift Card : No Charge
   Goole Play Gift Card : No Charge

Q.7 : How To Understand Withdrawal Status Meaning ?

-> Pending : Payment Is Being Checked By Our Team
  Approved : Payment Has Been Checked By Our Team And Waiting To Be Sent
  Returned : Payment Has Been Returned To Your LinkShortify Account
  Completed : Your Payment Has Been Sent Successfully To Your Payment Method
  Cancelled : Your Payment Has Been Cancelled ( Rejected ).

Q.8 : How Much Time System Take To Show/Count Views ?

-> Our System Works With Instant Views Counting But In Some Cases It May Take Upto 3 Hours To Be Counted As Our Advance System Checks Every Click And If It Found Some Suspiculos Clicks Then It Will Take Time To Verify It. Also Here Are Some Rules For Counting Views ( In Below Cases Views Will Not Be Counted )
   1. Slef Clicks Or Same IP Clicks.
   2. PTC Or Force Click
   3. Using Ad Blocker While Opening Link
   4. Disabled Cookies And Java Script
   5. Viewers Didn't Reach Destination Page
   6. Using VPS Or Proxy

Q.9 : Why My Withdrawal Is Returned ?

-> There Are Few Reasons That Why Your Withdrawal Is Returned. Here Are The Reasons :
   1. You Have Added Extra (Not Mandatory) Text In Withdrawal Box.
   2. Your Withdrawal Method Is Unavailable Or Wrong Details Filled Up.
   3. Your Bank Or Provider Is Not Accepting Payments.
   4. You Have Added Wrong Details Other Than Required Details.

Q.10 : Why My Withdrawal is Canceled ?

-> There Are Few Reasons That Why Your Withdrawal Is Canceled. Here Are The Reasons :
   1. Your Traffic Is Self / VPS / PTC / Bot Clicks.
   2. You Are Having 2 Accounts Or You Have Done Self Referral.

Q.11 : Are We Rewarded If We Take Big Amount Withdrawal ?

-> Yeh Of Course Every User Can Earn Extra Anout By Taking Huge Withdrawals. Here Are Details :
Amount :             50$+    100$+   1000$+
Extra Bonus :      2$         8$          100$

Q.12 : What Are The Current CPM Rates For Different Countries ?

-> We Have Different CPM Rates For Every Country Kindly Check Out Our CPM Rates Page For More Details : (Click Here)

Q.13 : How Much Amount Can A User Earn From LinkShortify ?

-> Currently, There Is No Limit. So, All Users Can Withdraw & Earn Unlimited Amounts On LinkShortify.

Q.14 : How To Know Withdrawal Status ?

-> Visit This Page And Scroll Down And Here You Can See A Status Heading On Table Type Box And It Will Show You Your Withdrawal Status. Scroll Down More To Know Meaning Of Every Withdrawal Status.

Q.15 : Why My Payment Is Not Done After 72 Hours Of Withdrawal ?

-> Sometimes There May Be A Technical Issue At Sender Or Receiver's End, Also We Sometimes Mail User For Their Traffic Clerification To Send Them Payments So, User Needs To Messaged Us InOrder To Get Payment, Sometimes Our Payment Team May Forgot Your Payment Due Do Heavy Load Of Work And Other Reason May Be That Your Withdrawal Method Or Profile Details Are Wrong Or InCorrect.

Other Extras


Q.1 : Can Anyone Bypass LinkShortify Links (lksfy.com) ?

-> This Is Great To Inform You That LinkShortify Link Are Not Bypassable. So You Can Share Our Links On Any Platforms Without Any Fear Of Bypass.

Q.2 : Why I Am Not Able To Login To Account ?

-> Your Account Is May Be Hacked By Someone Else Or Someone Has Changed Your Account Password. In This Case You Can You Can Do Forgot Password And Change Your Password To A Safe One. Also Due Any Of The Withdrawal Cancellation Reasons We Will Deactivate Their Account. So User Will Not Be Able To Login To Their Account While It Is Deactivated. You Can Contact Our Support To Know Reasons In Details.

Q.3 : What Is The Views Counting System And How It Works ?

-> We Work With 1IP / 24Hours System. It Means That We Will Count Only One Click In Every 24 Hours From Single Uniq IP Address. It Does Not Matter That Users Are Opening Multiple Links In One Day. Also In Some Case User May Have Already Opened Other's LinkShortify Links So If Same User Opens Your Link Then Click Will Not Be Counted In Your Account.

Q.4 : I Have Given My LinkShortify Account Login Details To Someone Else And Now I Want To Secure It, What To Do Now ?

-> If You Want To Change Your Account Password And Want To Log Out Other Device Then Just Follow Forgot Password And Change Your Account Password Then All Other Devices Will Be Automatically Logged Out.

Q.5 : I Have Reached Minimum Withdrawal Amount But Getting Error Of Reach Minimum Withdrawal Amount Error While Taking Withdrawal, What To Do ?

-> Our System Uses Basic Rules Of Maths To Show Your Amount Till 2 Digit After Point. So If Minimum Withdrawal Is 5$ And Your Amount Is 4.997 Then System Will Show 5.00 But In Reality Your Amount Will Be 4.997 So System Will Show That Error. Kindly Bring More 1/2 Views To Reach Minimum Withdrawal Amount.

Q.6 : How To Use LinkShortify Telegram Bot ?

-> Kindly Send Help Command Or Any Empty Command To Know Roles And Usage Of Any Command And Functions. Also You Can Checkout Our Youtube Video On How To Use Telegram Bot In Hindi :

Q.7 : How To Use Different Tools In LinkShortify ?

-> We Have Already Mentioned All Documentations On Every Tools' Page. You Can Read And Use It. Also If You Want To Learn How To Use That Different Tools On Website Then Just Checkout Our Youtube Video :

Q.8 : What Is Referral Percentage And How It Works ?

-> We Have A Special Referral System That Allows You To Earn 5% Earning From Your Referred Person For Lifetime. In This System You Will Get 5% Of Your Referred Person's Clicks Earning With No Other Limitations. Our System Is Transperent And You Can Check Your Referred Person List By YourSelf.

Q.9 : Can We Change Our Username In LinkShortify ?

-> Yes Offcourse You Can Change Your Username To Any Available Username At Anytime. Just Send Us A Username Change Request Mail From Your Registered Email To [email protected] And Mention Your 3 Preffered Usernames And We Will Change It If They Are Available. You Will Get Mail After Your Username Is Changed.

Q.10 : How To Check Stats Of Links And Manage All Links ?

-> Just Open Menu And Navigate To All Links And Then You Can Mnage Alol Your Links. Also In Every Box Of Link You Can See Stats Button To Check Detailed Stats Of Every Links. Hidden Links Will Work As Deleted Links So No One Will Be Able To Get Orignal Link Of That Hidden Links.

Q.11 : Do We Need To Fillup Our Profile Details ?

-> We Do Not Force Our Users To Fillup Billing Details As They Are Not Mendetory. You Can Fill That Details To Get Updated Also Get Smoother Payment Experience. Sometime Billing Details Help Us To Reach You Out Or Help Us To Prevent Payment To Wrong Payment Account.

Q.12 : What Are The Official Support ID Of LinkShortify ?

-> We Are Provinding Official Support On Telegram , Whatsapp And Email. Here Are They :
   Telegram : @LinkShortifySupport
   Whatsapp : +919328238044
   Email : [email protected]

Q.13 : What Are The Official Social Media Handles Of LinkShortify ?

-> LinkShortify Is Avalible On Telegram, Instagram, Twitter And Youtube With @LinkShortify Handle. Kindly Visit And Follow Us On Them.

Q.14 : My Payment Status Is Showing Completed But I Didn't Received My Payment What To Do ?

-> First Check That Your Withdrawal Account Was Correct Or Not. If It Was Not Correct Than Your Payment Has Been Already Sent To That Account. (No Refund Or Compensation Will Be There). If It's Bank Wire Transfer Then Wait At Least 7 Working Business Days To Get Payment. You Can Also Check LinkShortify Official Telegram Channel To See If There Is Any Payment Notice Or Not. If All Things Are OK And There Is No Update Then Contact Our Support Team Immediately To Resolve This Issue As Soon As Possible.

Q.15 : What Type Of Links Are Allowed To Short On LinkShortify ?

-> You Can Short All Tyoes Of Links On LinkShortify.

Q.16 : What Is Link Expiry And How It Works ?

-> It Is A Time Limit When Your Link Will Be Stopped And No One Can Be Able Get Shorted Links.

Q.17 : Can LinkShortify Links Publisher Open Their Own Links ?

-> Yeh LinkShorrtify Links Publisher Can Open Their Own Links But Its Acceptable Views Are 0 To 10 Per Month. If Your Often Clicks And Open Your Own Links Then It May Lead You To Risk For Withdrawal Cancellation And Account Suspension.

Q.18 : Using Ad-Bloacker Will Effect Clicks Or Earnings ?

-> We Have Anti-Ad Blocker System On All Website To Prevent Users From Using Ad Blocker On Website. So, Users Will Not Be Able To Go Thorugh Links With Ad-Blocker Enabled And All Your Earnings And Clicks Will Be Safe.

Q.19 : I Am Not Getting Any Mail From LinkShortify What To Do ?

-> Kindly Visit Profile Section (Click Here) And Check Your Email Is Correct Or Not. If It's Not Currect Then Correct It Because We Sent All Mails To Your Current Mail. There May Be A Different Reason That Our Mails Are Going To Your Spam or Junk Box Directly. So Kindly Go To Spam-Box And Select Report Not Spam To Get Our Mails In Your Regular Inbox Directly.

Q.20 : How Users Data And All Other Details Are Safe And Secure With LinkShortify ?

-> We Works With Our Super Powerful Servers With Anti-DDOS Protection And High-Security Firewalls To Prevent Hacking Or Attacks. Also All Of Our Websites' Data Are Backed Up To World's Most Secure Cloud Storage Provider On Daily Basis. Also There Is A 256 Encryption In Data Transfer To Avoid Theft. So, All Users' Data Are Safe And Secure With LinkShortify For Lifetime.

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