Here Are Some Frequently Asked Queations With Answer :-

1. Why My Views /  Clicks Are Not Counting ?

-> Your Visitors Must Meet The Following Criteria :  

    But In Some Cases Self Clicks / Same IP / Same Device Clicks May Not Be Counted And Also Some Views May Take More Time To Be Counted.

2. What Is Minimum Payout & Charges ?

-> UPI - 1$ [Nill]

    Phone Pay - 1$ [Nill]

    Paytm - 1$ [Nill]

    Bank Transfer (India) - 3$ [Nill]

    Paypal - 3$ [Applicable From Your Side]

    Skrill - 3$ [ Upto 10%]

    Airtm - 3$ [ Upto 15% Charges ]

3. Why My Payment Is Returned ?

-> Mostly Pepole Done Some Mistakes While Typing Payment Method Details. So, We Are Unable To Do Payment At That Moment. That is Why We Return Your Payment And Ask For Again Withdrawal With Currect Details. Also Sometimes User Takes More Than 1 Time Payout In 1 Day. So, In That Case We Also Return Their All Other Payouts.

4. Why My Payment Is Canceled / Account Is Banned ?

-> If We Found Any Account Those Who Is Not Folllowing Our Payment Policy, We Will Cancel Their Payment And Ban That User Without Notice.

5. What Is Payment Frequency ?

-> Current Payment Frequency : Monthly

     But Please Do Not Take This On Mind Or Permenently Because In Some Condition Your Payment Might Be Delayed
     Also Payment Will Not Be Made During Official Holidays. ( Wednesday & Sunday )

6. How Can We Use Mass Shrinker ?

-> Just Visit User Dashboard And Follow This : Menu > Tools > Mass Shrinker 

     Mass Shrinker Guide : Every New Link On New Line

                                        : Max. 50 Links Allowed Per Once

                                        : Mass Shrinker Will Generate Link For Every Url

8. How To Use LinkShortify's Telegram Bot ?

-> Youtube Video Will Be Lauched Shortly.

10. What Is Payout Rate For 1$ ?

-> Current Rate 1$ = 75 INR

11. Why I Need To Give My Traffic Source For Verification ?

-> Guys We Are Only Paying For Views Which Has Bring By Admin. So , We Must Need To Check That Your Traffic Source is Legal / Working / Original / Effective As Per Your Views. That is The Reason Why We Ask For Traffic Verification To Give Payments.

(Last Update : 13/12/2022)